My journey with Imposter Syndrome started in my corporate career, way before I decided to become a Life Coach to help Women of Color (WOC) entrepreneurs succeed without Imposter Syndrome. If you were to review my resume, you would see that I moved up the corporate ladder, and even went back to school for my Chemistry Masters.

What my resume doesn’t show, is how out of place I felt for the first decade of my career. No matter what my degree, salary, or title upgraded to, it just didn’t help this void of not feeling good enough.

I used to think starting a new job would help me gain confidence. And, guess how many jobs I changed in the first 10 years? Five! Trust me, I thoroughly tested out my hypothesis…

I realized I was the constant in all these different places. It was never where I was, it was who I was choosing to be. And to be honest, I also didn’t realize I had a choice. I used to think that’s just who I was. 

So, I spent the past few years figuring it out. Getting curious enabled me to seek help and learn the coaching techniques I use today. If these tools can help the perfectionist, superwoman wannabe, job-hopper addict, I was, they will help you too. I’ll guide you.